Powering Efficiency and Excellence in Marine Operations

At Diving Status, we understand that success in the maritime industry hinges on having the right tools for the job.  That’s why we invest in maintaining a modern and well-equipped fleet of vessels specifically designed to support a wide range of underwater services. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures you have access to the latest technology and capabilities to tackle any maritime challenge effectively.

Our Fleet beyond the technical specifications

Our vessels embody more than just technical specifications; they epitomize an unwavering commitment to enhancing the efficiency of our services. Our commitment to safety isn’t just a protocol; it’s the very current that guides every vessel we sail. With a fleet as diverse as the ocean itself, we navigate the waters of versatility, ready to tailor our services to the unique contours of your maritime needs. Efficiency isn’t just a goal; it’s the engine that powers our operations, ensuring that every project flows effortlessly from inception to completion, minimizing disruptions and maximizing results.

  • Unwavering commitment to safety: All vessels adhere to the strictest safety regulations and are meticulously maintained to ensure the well-being of our crew and personnel on board.
  • Versatility and adaptability: Our diverse fleet allows us to tailor our approach to your specific needs, whether it’s underwater inspections, maintenance, repairs, or cargo and personnel transfers.
  • Operational efficiency: Equipped with advanced technology and essential tools, our vessels enable us to execute projects swiftly and efficiently, minimizing downtime for your operations.

The Multipurpose Cargo Launch & Support Vessel for Diverse Operation


GEORGIOS, a versatile 20.70m cargo launch and support vessel, empowers efficient underwater services and seamless transfer operations. Equipped with a hydraulic power pack, winch, and 18-ton crane, GEORGIOS tackles demanding tasks with ease.

The Powerhouse Support Vessel for Demanding Tasks


PAOLA is a robust and well-equipped support vessel designed to tackle diverse underwater projects with confidence. Its impressive cargo capability of 60 tonnes and lifting capacity of 18 tonnes make it ideal for heavy-duty tasks, cargo transfers, and equipment mobilization.

The Agile Diving Support Vessel


GIANNIS, a nimble and versatile support vessel, is ideally suited for a range of underwater services. Despite its compact size, GIANNIS packs a punch with a hydraulic power pack to operate essential underwater tools, allowing our dive teams to perform inspections, maintenance, and repairs with precision.

Our Experienced and Dedicated Crew

We’re proud of our seasoned team of experts, boasting extensive experience and qualifications across various disciplines. From diving operations to vessel maintenance, our crew members are rigorously trained and certified, driven by a passion for safety and efficiency. Through continuous training, we ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry, equipped with the latest techniques to tackle any challenge with confidence, prioritizing safety and delivering exceptional results.

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