Preserving Vessel Integrity for Maximum Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Maintaining a vessel’s underwater integrity is paramount to ensuring its safety, efficiency, and longevity. Diving Status, a leading provider of underwater services, specializes in comprehensive underwater maintenance, utilizing a team of skilled engineers and divers. For all kinds of underwater inspections and maintenance services, we focus on precision and care to ensure your vessel’s structure and vital elements beneath the waterline are well-maintained.

Our dedicated team of underwater engineers and commercial divers brings precision and care to every aspect of underwater maintenance, ranging from hatch inspections and sea chest maintenance to thruster and rudder inspections, propeller and hull cleaning, underwater welding and repairs, blanking plate installation, and anode monitoring and replacement.

We conduct thorough underwater inspections of all types of ships and vessel, identifying and addressing any corrosion, damage, or leaks that could compromise the integrity of the hull.

We ensure the optimal condition the ship’s hull and the proper functioning of its sea chests, the underwater valves that allow access to the vessel’s ballast and bilge systems. This includes cleaning, repairing, and replacing sea chests as needed to maintain efficient water flow and prevent water ingress.

We regularly inspect and maintain rigging and mooring lines, ensuring the stability and safety of your vessel while at sea or in port. This includes inspecting lines for wear and tear, replacing worn or damaged lines, and ensuring they are properly secured.

We inspect and maintain thrusters and rudders, ensuring their smooth operation and preventing performance issues. This includes inspecting thrusters for wear and tear, cleaning rudders, and ensuring proper alignment and calibration.

We employ specialized techniques to remove marine growth, barnacles, and other debris from propellers and hulls, optimizing performance and reducing drag. This includes utilizing the 2nd Generation Brush-Kart, biodegradable cleaning agents, and a comprehensive series of brushes.

Our team of certified underwater Class A & B wet welders and technicians performs repairs on corroded, damaged, or cracked underwater components, restoring their integrity and extending their lifespan. This includes welding, fabricating, and replacing underwater structures.

We specialize in the installation of blanking plates and cofferdams, essential for preventing water ingress, protecting sensitive equipment, and maintaining the integrity of a vessel’s hull and superstructure. This service also includes full maintenance, with valves, sensors and pipelines replacement.

We offer comprehensive services in monitoring and replacing anodes, essential sacrificial metal plates for underwater corrosion protection, as well as expertise in ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems, ensuring proper sizing, installation, and regular replacement for effective vessel protection.

We replace faulty or damaged echosounder and speedlog sensors to ensure accurate data collection and navigational safety. Our team of experienced technicians can quickly and efficiently replace sensors, ensuring that your vessel remains operational and compliant with maritime regulations.

We install net cutters to eliminate the risk of entanglement with fishing nets and other underwater debris. These cutters are specially designed to cut through thick ropes and nets, preventing damage to the vessel’s propeller and rudder.

We replace worn or damaged anchor shackles to ensure the secure mooring of the vessel. Anchor shackles are critical components of the vessel’s mooring system, and their failure can lead to serious safety hazards. Our team of experienced technicians can accurately assess the condition of anchor shackles and replace them promptly to maintain the vessel’s safety and operability.

We remove tangled nets and ropes from the vessel’s propeller and rudder, preventing damage and improving efficiency. Our team of experienced divers can carefully remove entangled nets and ropes, ensuring that the propeller and rudder operate smoothly and efficiently.

We provide comprehensive cold lay-up services to preserve vessels during periods of inactivity, protecting them from corrosion and ensuring their long-term operability. Our cold lay-up services include cleaning, painting, and sealing the vessel’s hull, as well as dewatering and draining the tanks and bilges. This ensures that the vessel remains protected from the elements and ready to return to service when needed.

We perform refitting of various materials to restore the vessel’s underwater components to their original condition, minimizing the need for major repairs. Our team of experienced technicians can replace worn or damaged materials, such as rubber seals, gaskets, and hoses. This ensures that the vessel’s underwater components remain in good working order and prevent leaks or other damage.

Why choose Diving Status for your ship’s underwater maintenance

Diving Status stands out as a leading provider of underwater maintenance services, offering comprehensive solutions that safeguard your vessel’s underwater components and prevent costly failures. Our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and safety makes us the trusted partner of vessels worldwide.


Unmatched expertise and experience

Our experienced team excels in inspecting, repairing, and maintaining various underwater components, from hulls to tanks.


State-of-the-art equipment and technology

We use state-of-the-art equipment for precise and efficient underwater maintenance, ensuring the highest quality results.


Comprehensive underwater maintenance services

We offer a full range of underwater maintenance services for vessels, including inspections, cleaning, welding, blanking plates and anodes.


Commitment to safety and environmental responsibility

Safety is our top priority, combined with strict protocols and eco-friendly practices to ensure well-being and minimize environmental impact.


Tailored solutions for every vessel

We customize our underwater maintenance approach to address the unique needs of your vessel, optimizing performance and longevity.


Global coverage and on-demand availability

With a global network, Diving Status serves major maritime regions, offering on-demand underwater maintenance services.

Underwater Maintenance Statistics

Excellence in numbers

Regular underwater maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of vessels. By addressing potential issues early on, underwater maintenance can prevent costly failures, downtime, and environmental damage. Numerous studies and reports have demonstrated the significant benefits of underwater maintenance in terms of improved vessel performance and reduced operating costs.


Reduced Downtime:

Regular underwater maintenance prevents costly failures and downtime, with studies showing potential savings of up to 50% compared to reactive repairs, as per the Center for Vessel Performance.


Extended Component Lifespan:

Prompt underwater maintenance extends the lifespan of vessel components. A 10% increase in underwater maintenance can lead to a 20% reduction in component replacement costs.


At Diving Status, we recognize the importance of providing our underwater maintenance services with the highest standards of quality and safety. That’s why we are proud to hold a range of certifications that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

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