Restoring Your Vessel’s Seaworthiness

Preserving the operational excellence of your vessel is crucial for safety and efficiency. Diving Status excels in delivering thorough underwater ship repair services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring the protection and restoration of your vessel’s underwater components to uphold its seaworthiness.

Our team of certified underwater engineers and commercial divers possesses a wealth of experience in repairing a wide range of underwater damage. By entrusting your vessel’s underwater repairs to Diving Status, you gain access to a team of certified experts with the experience and expertise to restore your vessel’s seaworthiness and ensure its continued operation, by performing a wide range of underwater welding, cropping, grinding, and profiling tasks to address various underwater repairs and maintenance needs.

Our skilled Class A & B wet welders perform underwater welding repairs on damaged or corroded hull structures, sea chests, and other underwater components, ensuring structural integrity and preventing further deterioration.

We swiftly replace or install ropeguards, protective structures that shield exposed underwater equipment from abrasion and corrosion. This proactive measure helps to extend the lifespan of your vessel’s equipment and maintain its functionality.

In compliance with IACS International Association of Classification Societies) regulations, we replace scrubber pipelines that have sustained damage or become corroded. This ensures the effective operation of your scrubber system and compliance with environmental regulations.

We meticulously remove underwater fouling and barnacles from bilge keels, which are stabilizing fins that reduce drag and enhance fuel efficiency. This process optimizes vessel performance and minimizes the risk of damage to the bilge keels.

We perform propeller blade cropping to remove damaged or worn areas from propellers, restoring their efficiency and reducing drag. This specialized technique enhances fuel economy and extends the lifespan of your propellers.

We utilize doublers, thick plates that are bonded to the hull or other underwater structures, to repair cracks and prevent further damage. This technique ensures structural integrity and prevents the spread of corrosion.

We precisely apply epoxy putty to seal cracks and openings in scrubber overboard pipes, preventing leaks and maintaining the system’s integrity. This proactive measure ensures the safe operation of your scrubber system.

We can provide a wide range of services in afloat ship repairs for intricate underwater components like bow thruster gratings. Our on-site solutions not only ensure prompt resolutions and minimized downtime but also contribute to sustaining your vessel’s peak performance in challenging maritime environments.

Why Choose Diving Status for Underwater Ship Repair?

When it comes to underwater ship repairs in the maritime industry, the expeditious and effective resolution of issues is paramount for sustaining vessel integrity, safety, and operational efficiency. Diving Status emerges as the premier choice, offering unparalleled expertise in comprehensive underwater ship repair services. Our commitment is evident in our ability to address even the most intricate underwater challenges with precision and professionalism.


Unparalleled Expertise and Experience in Ship Repair

Experience excellence in ship repair with our skilled team of underwater engineers and divers, proficient in a wide range of techniques.


Precise and Efficient Ship Repairs

Our team ensures precise and efficient ship repairs using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.


Minimal Downtime and Maximum Uptime

Prioritizing minimal downtime and maximum uptime, our efficient team ensures prompt repairs, allowing vessels to return to service quickly and avoid costly delays.


Strict Safety Compliance

Safety is top priority in all underwater operations; our team adheres to the highest standards and strict protocols to minimize risks associated with underwater work.


Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Committed to environmental responsibility, we employ eco-friendly materials and techniques, ensuring sustainable practices in every aspect of our ship repairs.


Global Coverage and Local Expertise

With a global network and local expertise, our team provides tailored underwater ship repair services worldwide, addressing unique challenges for vessels worldwide.

Underwater Ship Repair Statistics

Excellence in numbers

Prompt and effective underwater ship repairs are essential for maintaining vessel integrity and ensuring operational efficiency. By choosing timely and comprehensive underwater ship repairs performed by Diving Status, you can reap these benefits and safeguard your vessel’s performance and longevity for years to come.


increased lifespan:

Prompt and accurate underwater welding repairs can prevent further deterioration of the ship’s hull and underwater components, extending their lifespan by up to 80%.


enhanced safety:

Underwater repairs can prevent accidents and ensure compliance with maritime regulations, reducing the risk of accidents by up to 50%, while safeguarding your vessel, crew, and the environment.


At Diving Status, we emphasize delivering our underwater ship repair services with the highest standards of quality and safety. Our array of certifications not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also affirms our capacity to provide dependable solutions, safeguarding the performance and integrity of your vessel.

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