Turnkey solutions

Advanced Tailor-Made Turnkey Technical Solutions for Underwater Services

At Diving Status, we understand the significant impact underwater hull growth can have on a vessel’s performance and fuel efficiency. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing turnkey, tailor-made technical solutions for underwater hull cleaning, ensuring your vessel operates at its peak potential.

Innovative Underwater Services

With out tailor-made technical solutions we go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by carefully assessing your specific needs, including vessel type, operating environment, and desired outcome. This allows us to craft a customized cleaning plan and specialized brushes that utilize the most effective methods, such as the new generation brush cart and the advanced remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), combined with coating-friendly and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

But our commitment to providing tailor-made technical solutions extends beyond the cleaning process itself. We provide comprehensive pre- and post-cleaning inspections, detailed reports, ship repair and maintenance services, and ongoing support to ensure optimal results and long-term vessel health, compiling a fully customized, efficient, and performance-driven approach.

Diving Status specializes in comprehensive underwater hull cleaning solutions, leveraging over four decades of expertise to maximize vessel efficiency and sustainability. Our team of experienced engineers, commercial divers, and inspectors delivers tailored services, including non-abrasive brushing, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, high-pressure water jet cleaning, box cooler and bow thruster cleaning, detailed inspections, and comprehensive reporting, ensuring optimal performance and minimal environmental impact for your vessel.

Diving Status excels in propeller maintenance and repair, recognizing the pivotal role propellers play in vessel efficiency and safety. With a focus on quality and precision, our comprehensive services include propeller Rupert Scale polishing, underwater installation, repair, propeller boss cone fins (PBCF) replacement, and NDT inspection with dye penetrant testing (PT), ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime for your vessel.

Diving Status is your trusted partner for preserving vessel integrity through comprehensive underwater maintenance services. With a focus on precision and care, our skilled engineers and divers offer a wide range of services, including underwater inspections, hull and sea chest maintenance, rigging and mooring inspections, propeller polishing, underwater welding and repairs, and more. From hatch inspections to net cutters installation, we ensure your vessel remains efficient, safe, and cost-effective for optimal performance and longevity.

Diving Status specializes in restoring your vessel’s seaworthiness through meticulous underwater ship repair services. Our team of certified underwater engineers and commercial divers are equipped with extensive experience and expertise to handle a wide range of underwater repairs, including welding, ropeguard replacement, scrubber pipeline replacement, cropping of bilge keels, propeller blade cropping, and more. With a commitment to quality and safety, we ensure your vessel receives the necessary repairs to maintain its operational excellence and safety standards.

Diving Status is dedicated to unveiling the integrity of your vessel beneath the waves through comprehensive underwater inspection services. Our experienced team of underwater engineers and commercial divers utilizes cutting-edge technology to meticulously assess critical components such as hull structural integrity and antifouling coatings. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we ensure that your vessel remains in peak condition, compliant with regulations, and ready to navigate any maritime challenge.

At Diving Status, we keep your vessel sailing smoothly with our comprehensive Afloat Ship Repair services, ensuring operational continuity and seaworthiness in the face of any challenge. Our highly skilled team handles a wide range of repair needs efficiently, from minor maintenance to complex hull repairs, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. With a commitment to innovation and advanced technology, we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver high-quality repairs that meet the strictest industry standards, supported by a global network of qualified personnel for prompt and efficient service delivery.

Diving Status’s state-of-the-art ROV services unlock the mysteries of the deep with cutting-edge technology. Our Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) offer precision and efficiency, providing invaluable insights into ship inspections and a range of underwater tasks, from offshore installations to maritime giants. With advanced features like high-resolution cameras and specialized inspection tools, our ROVs ensure meticulous examinations without compromising safety or accuracy, allowing you to journey into the depths with confidence and uncover every submerged secret.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and resilience in port operations with Diving Status’s advanced Underwater Port Services, dedicated to safeguarding port infrastructure and optimizing performance. With a focus on meticulous inspections, maintenance, and repairs of underwater components, including seabed mapping and mooring chain replacement, we ensure the seamless flow of goods and vessel safety, contributing to the smooth functioning of global trade and transportation.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability in maritime operations with Diving Status as your Fleet Chartering Partner. Offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, we provide a diverse fleet of specialized vessels, from harbor workboats to ocean-going support vessels. Beyond standard services like water deliveries and crew transfers, we offer comprehensive solutions, including agency services, offshore support, and hydrographic surveys, ensuring seamless logistics and optimal performance for your maritime ventures.

Advanced Hull Cleaning Technology

The 2nd Generation Brush-Kart combined with Diving Status’s expertise is a game-changing advancement in in underwater hull cleaning services. Designed by divers, for divers, this state-of-the-art system delivers unmatched speed, precision, and safety. With its compatibility with major antifouling coatings, its specialized brushes and accessories and an impressive cleaning capability of up to 2500m² per hour, the 2nd Generation Brush-Kart sets a new standard in underwater maintenance, ensuring efficient and effective biofouling removal for maritime operations.

Innovative Products

At Diving Status, we’re not just about exceptional service; we’re also passionate about developing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of the maritime industry. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our range of cutting-edge products that improve efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and enhance diver well-being. Whether you require advanced hull cleaning solutions, specialized underwater tools, or custom-developed equipment, Diving Status is your partner in progress, offering the latest advancements to empower your maritime operations.

Custom-Made Constructions

Beyond exceptional underwater services, we offer a comprehensive range of custom-made fabrications designed to perfectly complement your needs. Imagine needing a custom access ladder, stainless-steel exhausts, panels, railings or underwater components on your superyacht, or perhaps a specialized stainless-steel enclosure for a new underwater lighting system. Diving Status can design, fabricate, and install these custom elements flawlessly, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your superyacht’s existing infrastructure.

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